Prospecting Trip – April 4th, 2022 – Hadsel Mill

Hello everyone,

Just to keep you up-to-date Mike and I met at the Drivers Flat curve at 11:00AM on Tuesday. We make a long circle on our hike. 

First we went and checked out the road that I had previously found the other day. It was leading from the mill site going towards the first tunnel. We went off the trail at a place I marked and found some old diggings and cuts. They definitely had been there but the ‘cuts’ we saw ended. From there we went to the actual Hadsel mill on the hillside.

We poked around there for awhile and down below the mill Mike found a really old tunnel that was in great shape. It had about two feet of water in it so we’ll have to wait for Jack to go in . It had rail in it as well. It’s definitely worth going back to check it out.

From there we cut back and Mike saw the second tunnel from the old house sites. We followed that old road back and dropped down the hill. We checked out the ravine on the left, which we had not done before. We found where an old house had been and the creek there was worked extensively for a short distance. I ran a 1/4 pan and there was three tiny specs of gold. Visible though!  A couple more 1/4 pans didn’t show any color. Obviously there had been gold there at one point.

Finally, we stopped at the mill site and checked it out again.

We finished at 4:00 PM.

Here’s some pictures: